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Evides Vietnam Water Treatment Services BV

Evides Industry Water is a subsidiary of Evides N.V., the supplier of drinking water to the Dutch province of Zeeland and parts of neighbouring provinces Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant. We are a leading supplier of water services to industries in the Benelux and Germany. These services include the supply of industrial process water, demineralised water and feed water to the agricultural sector. Additionally we own and operate several industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants.

 All water process plants of Evides are developed on the basis of DBFO contracts. The DBFO principle (Design, Build, Finance & Operate) means that Evides takes responsibility at all stages of the development of a contract, including maintenance and long-term operations.

 Evides Industry Water is highly committed to innovation and the development of new technologies while implementing asset management expertise to optimise the cost of ownership and increase reliability of water supply. Our research and innovation efforts support sustainable solutions and at the same time help to develop highly efficient process plants. The end result: benefits for the environment and cost savings for our clients.

 Our research partners in sustainability and innovation include knowledge and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Wetsus and the Chinese institutes of HIT (Harbin) and PAES (Xian). Evides initiated the new industrial water chair at the Delft University of Technology. In addition to fundamental research we participate in numerous feasibility studies, in which pilot installations are used to assess the applicability of technological designs and to determine the design parameters of full-scale plants.